December is the most magical and, at the same time, the craziest winter month. The festive bustling, multiple lists of stuff to buy, and plans that are constantly put away for later. All the gifts should be bought, greeting cards to be signed and mailed, and the most beautiful Christmas tree should be found and decorated. While everyone is stressing out about all these holiday chores, we decided to create a little celebration out of it.

Every year, together with my dear friends, we have a Christmas Tree Decoration party. Just cook a few appetizers and desserts (or ask your friends to contribute), mix some winter Sangria (with white wine, sliced oranges and Granny Smith apples, and ice-cubes with cranberries and rosemary sprouts in them) and let the decoration fun begin.

This year, I bought some crystal beads and vintage holiday post-cards so we could create some new decorations together. I know that all the heartwarming words and wishes, written on those cards, will warm my heart for many years ahead.

DRESS UP IN YOUR FAVORITE OUTFITS,  smile and chat, share food and drinks, create new memories together. Because memories stay with us forever. And even the favorite tree decoration, that was dropped and smashed on the floor, will bring you more giggles.


Where to buy

Anthropologie – only unique stuff

CB2 modern decoration

Crate and Barrel modern and traditional decor

Target mass market, but good market!

World Market decor from around the world

Antique Stores

Architectural Artifacts Inc. – 4325 N Ravenswood ave., Chicago, IL 60613

Brownstone Antiques  –  5234 N Clark st., Chicago, IL 60640

Brimfield  –  5219 N Clark st., Chicago, IL 60640

P.O.S.H. (a lot of stuff from Europe) – 613 N State st., Chicago, IL 60654

Secret Treasures Antiques & Collectibles – 605 Dempster st., Evanston, IL 60201

STYLING – Nina Hazhala

PHOTOS – Angelika Poletaeva

DIRECTOR – Julia Latkins