Montreal is an incredible city. You could spend there an entire lifetime and never run out of awesome things to do. It is the largest city in Quebec province of Canada. It is set on an island in the Saint Lawrence River and named after Mt. Royal, the triple-peaked hill at its heart. So what to do in Montreal during your visit?

MONTREAL IS NOTHING, IF NOT A FOODIE CITY. Culinary classics might be of the greasy kind, but that doesn’t make it all we’re good at! Montrealers love to treat themselves to a night out and a quality meal. Taste classic Montreal bagels, which are made differently than the New York-style ones. They are baked in a wood-fired oven and are smaller, thinner, and sweeter. Start your day at the famous St-Viateaur Bagel & Café on Mile End.

I COULD GO ON AND ON about what makes this district so beautiful yet so special, but the only way to truly understand that is to roam its streets, admire its views, and take in its old-world atmosphere.

A quaint and lively mix of churches, chapels, and cobblestones… That is where French settlers first built town in 1642. Even though it’s undoubtedly the touristiest part of the city, the architecture there is gorgeous and the atmosphere is charming. And you could find a few shops and bars to stop by for a break amid the tourist jumble. Spend a few hours walking around, making sure to visit the most famous cathedral in Montreal (and, perhaps, all of Canada), the stunning Basilique Notre-Dame-de-Montreal.

THE PLATEAU – as it’s more commonly called these days – is still a home to a strong Portuguese community. But much of the housing that was originally built for factory workers has been bought and renovated by professionals, artists, performers, and academics eager to find a place to live close to all the action.

IF YOU WANT TO SEE SOMETHING DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE, visit the Ice Hotel in the Snow Village. Such a unique experience is easily accessible by the Metro Jean-Drapeau combined with a short walk to get to the actual site location. Be sure to dress warm, since you are outdoors and, if you want to see the fireworks, go on a Saturday night.

THE MAIN STREET is lined with coffee shops, boutiques, restaurants, pubs, gourmet stores, bakeries, luxury boutiques and antique shops. A cross-country ski trail runs throughout the village and doubles as a bike path in summer months that connects the town and the Resort Village.

MONTREAL IS AN AMAZING CITY to visit in Canada. It is a beautiful cross between Europe meets North America. The way we eat, the way we dress, our ”joie de vivre”. One can feel it once experienced. Love this city, crazy amazing lifestyle and rhythm that cannot be duplicated anywhere in North America! There are so many places yet to visit. Please, welcome to Montreal!


TEXT – Maria Pozdneacov | Montreal, Canada