I LOVE GIVING GIFTS and I love receiving them! I mean, who doesn’t? But I especially love, whether I am on the giving or receiving end, when a gift is very thought-out, complimenting a person’s personality and tastes. That makes gift-giving (and gift-receiving) extra, extra special. Whether it be my husband’s Christmas gift to me last year (with a trip to Paris and Amsterdam), my best friend giving me a book with loads of pictures and captions in it from memories we’ve shared through the years, a maidenhair fern that is hard to come by gifted me by another plant-lover friend, or homemade cross-stitch linen napkins from a long-distance friend, it doesn’t have to be extravagant to be special… just memorable.

I’ve come up with a few gift-giving ideas to maybe help in your search for the perfect present this season. Here are a few of them:

  • fresh beans from a local coffee shop for the java lover in your life
  • vintage piece of clothing for that one-of-a-kind friend (my favorite is Shop Bonjourmoon)
  • homemade gift created from a special talent of yours
  • a day trip or experience (concert, play, or museum tickets)
  • plant from a local nursery that a friend can enjoy all year long
  • a custom address stamp for an old soul* 
  • a beautiful calendar is always a good idea (this one & this one are lovely options)
  • create a photo book with all those pictures you’ve never got around to printing

I hope I was able to give you just a few ideas when making your shopping lists! Thoughtfulness goes a long way when choosing a gift. Think twice before purchasing that gift card this year. 


Hannah Briggs  | Muscle Shoals, AL, USA

No. 1

Lina Masterova | Chicago, IL, USA

FOR THIS YEAR GIFT PACKING, I have chosen the simplest and the most natural, eco-friendly materials. Kraft paper, some foraged greens, and natural jute cord were taken as a basis. In my opinion, they always look very harmonious and elaborate. If you are a  fan of simplicity and minimalism, then perhaps these ideas please you and you will be able to repeat them with ease.

No. 2

Greg Birman | Chicago, IL, USA

MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY COLORS are red and brown. It feels festive, rustic, and subtle with any interior. One thing to avoid is making the wrapping too colorful under your tree because it becomes an eye-sore by the time you gift it.

No. 3

Vlada Ernandes | Moscow, Russia 

I LIKE EXPERIMENTING WITH MATERIALS AND COLORS. One part of my gifts, I have wrapped in pages ripped from Vogue magazines and tied them with a shaggy ribbon (I like its sloppiness.) The other part of presents has got plenty of glitters and ‘snow’ that was paired with craft paper and velvet. Remember, it is never too many sparkles for holidays.