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THERE IS NO BETTER WAY TO BRIGHTEN YOUR HOME than with a unique but simple flower arrangement. Undoubtedly, it might be difficult to create the floral arrangements that you usually see on Pinterest, Instagram and in multiple interior magazines without knowing the floral basics. And it is not as easy as it may seem, however, we would like to suggest that you to begin your creative journey of mastering home arrangements by learning the basic techniques with us.

We have prepared some tips for your first in-home flower arrangement.

Think outside the box.

CREATIVITY IS THE KEY FOR DECORATING YOUR HOME so take a chance to make something beautiful that adds a special fragrance to the existing atmosphere of your place. Try to combine and mix different floral elements. Choose several large flowers as well as small ones. We suggest that you also get flower fillers and greenery.

Choose the right color.

IF YOU ARE ABOUT TO DO SOMETHING SIMPLE AND CASUAL, just go for a selection of the same flowers in the same color pallet but play with size and shape. Choose a selection of different flowers all in similar hues or neighbors in a color wheel.

by Simone Gooch "Fjura"
by "Marigold"
by "Marigold"
by Lisa Cooper "Doctor Cooper Studio"

Expensive exotic flowers do not mean better.

PEOPLE TEND TO BELIEVE that if something is priced higher, it also has a higher level of quality and is more unique. However, when it comes to flowers, it is not always the case. A flower’s price is based on its rarity and origin, not longevity or beauty.

Pinterest and Instagram will give you the right idea.

ONLINE PLATFORMS ARE AN EFFECTIVE VISUAL SOURCE and can help you with trends and ideas for a great flower arrangement. Take a look at some of the best Japanese, Dutch, and Australian florists on Instagram because they work with a lot of flowers that are not available in most countries, so they provide a very fresh perspective on floral design.

by Lauren Sellen "Coyote Flowers"
by Simone Gooch "Fjura"
by Lisa Cooper "Doctor Cooper Studio"

Pick flowers before they bloom.

NOTE THAT BUYING FLOWERS IN THEIR PRIME is a huge and common mistake. Choose younger flowers, those that are half-opened, which will increase the lifespan of your floral arrangement.

Longer lasting arrangements keep their cool.

KEEP YOUR ARRANGEMENT AWAY FROM DIRECT SUNLIGHT, preferably in a cooler area of the room, so it can last as long as possible. Another way to lengthen your flower arrangement is to keep it chilled in the fridge for a while every day. Surprisingly, the result will be incredible.

by Lauren Sellen "Coyote Flowers"
by Larysa Bernhardt
by "Sacred Thistle"
by "Sacred Thistle"

A good vase makes all the difference.

PERHAPS YOU THINK that your vase choice is an absolute afterthought, but it can have a stunning impact on your flower display. Some people usually design arrangements around the type of vase they have chosen to use. We would like to suggest that you explore ceramics stores for a special piece of pottery.  Trust us: sometimes it leads to an unexpected splash of inspiration.

by "Fox Fodder Farm"
by "Marigold"
by Larysa Bernhardt
by "Fox Fodder Farm"
by "Sacred Thistle"

All the home floral arrangements do indeed require basic and easy maintenance, however, some of them require more attention than others.

Refresh the water from your arrangement every few days and cut the stems of your flowers after changing the water; they will be well- hydrated right after and avoid bacteria forming by cleaning everything around it.

Obviously, all of this takes effort, however creating your own floral arrangement might be extremely contagious, as it is an opportunity to inject more personality into a home.

think outside the box

A note to remember.

by "Loose Leaf"
by "Loose Leaf"
by Lauren Sellen "Coyote Flowers"


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