CONCEPT – Julia Latkins | Chicago, USA

HERE IN CHICAGO, we are still enjoying a fresh and chilly spring season. It means that there is still time to prepare for the summer. For me, summer is freedom. And freedom means minimum clothes, maximum accessories; lightweight dresses, tops and shorts, staple sneakers and many, many-colored bracelets and rings, just to name a few of my favorites.

This summer is all about vibrant colors, animal print, and fringe, while at the same time, about a minimalism of the ’90s which is in no hurry to go anywhere. The principle of “the simpler the better” still works. The last few weeks I have been studying what new and exciting collections designers have prepared for us this summer. I am happy to share with my favorites with you.


“Orseund Iris” | Knit Tank


“Style Mafia” | Faran Short


“Brooklyn Bicycle Co” | “Franklin 3” Bicycle


Editor – Nika Levando