WHAT IS BEAUTY? WHAT IS FASHION? How the cultural or societal norms create a context through which we perceive those concepts?

With my project “Citizen”, which I have been working at for several years, I wanted to explore the concepts of fashion and beauty in a non-national, non-country, non-societal environment.

My goal was to strip the environment to make it the most unnamed and unrecognizable.

My models, dressed in non-current, simple, and modest outfits, are always on the road. They are in a condition of in-between-ity. And in that way, in my opinion, the real, raw beauty can be seen. In my perception, beauty has no nationality, nor time or location. And the best way of contemplating it is in the fashion of simplicity.

CONCEPT & PHOTOGRAPHY – Viacheslav MuzykaKiev, Ukraine