thelokal - about

The Lokal Magazine is the project by Nina Hazhala, Julia Latkins, and Angelika Poletaeva.

Within the last year, our friendship grew into an amazing creative team that constantly generates ideas, implements them in life, brings creative people together, travels and explores new places around the country and beyond, creates beauty out of simple mundane things around us, etc.

We have collected so many stories, places, discoveries, and memories that we just cannot keep them to ourselves any more. We want to share. We want to inspire and be inspired.

We are happy to invite you to join us on our new journey with publishing our online The Lokal Magazine, and continue discovering the beauty of this world, the grandiosity of creativity, and warmness of human kinship beyond all geographical borders together.

ANGELIKA POLETAEVA: After receiving my degree in business management, I felt that it just wasn’t enough. I have always been surrounded by a very creative circle of friends — designers, writers, musicians, artists. I wanted to develop a skill that would keep my creativity rolling. That’s how I came into photography: I am a portraitist inside. I love seeing beauty in every person. I feel very happy when I am able to show that beauty to the world and, most importantly, to the subjects of my photography.

NINA HAZHALA: My whole adult life I’ve worked for media outlets and marketing agencies. Ten-plus years of being a radio DJ were the most fun. I love meeting people, deep conversations, creating interiors, finding vintage treasures, exploring airports, and the simple elegance of a classic white-gray-black color palette.

JULIA LATKINS: For many years I was taught to see and recreate beauty — first at art school and music college, and then at university, where I studied design. Now I feel like I am ready to share my vision with the outside world. In my opinion, true beauty can be found in the small and simple things around us. The same way as happiness: We just need to keep our senses open and ready for it.